Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tanzania Lights Up with Pre-Caravan Events

A series of events have happened and are still happenbing in Tanzania

Move the Planet
First event - 24th September, 2011. Cycle ride around the city. This was symbolic because it was urgning our leaders to move beyond fossil fuels. I shared about the Caravan and COP17 that will be held in Durban. I also urged people to sign the Africa People’s Petition. We had setup a small kiosk where they could do that.

Caravan Workshop
Second event - 11th October, 2011. ForumCC organized a meeting to sensitize the membership about the caravan and assigned roles to some along the route to organize local events. The forum is looking into supporting these local events organized by members to raise awareness about climate change and the COP17 and hopefully have some members of these communities join the caravan.

Dhow Ride
Third event
– 15 November, 2011. ForumCC is organizing a Dhow Ride from Zanzibar to Dar to highlight the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems and coastal communities. We are hoping for at least one person from Zanzibar to join in the caravan the next day. We will have a media event on this day and speak about the caravan and the COP

Climate Change Hearing: Have you heard us?
Fourth Event
– Climate Hearings. In 2009, ForumCC and Oxfam organized the first climate hearings in Tanzania and this year on the 18th November we are doing a sequel. It will be much bigger as we are collaborating with Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) and more comprehensive as we have more time to prepare for it. Unfortunately though, since the caravan dates have moved earlier, this event will be after the caravan had already passed in Dar.

For information and participation Contact: 
Beatrice Kamugisha

Latif Amars
Project Manager
Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (ForumCC)
+255 713 660 140

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