Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Caravan Dispatches - Nairobi City and the Waiting Drivers

14th November 2011 at around 5am.

By Maria Wanza. Written while driving to Namanga Border and filed today…

‘Maria, imagine everyone is here and the buses are not here yet,’ that was one of my most dreaded calls and yet l got it. Flashback a little. Just after the successful event we had in Nairobi, we were informed that we would be leaving at 2am. So ideally everyone should be at the reception area around that time. We got to the hotel earlier a tired lot after travelling overnight from Kampala to Nairobi. After having dinner back at the hotel l debated whether to just get ready and go to the reception area and sleep on one of their comfy chairs.Obviously l decided against it because the next call l got was that dreaded one. Fast forward, literally flew out of bed, freshened up and headed downstairs. Aaaah! I should have gotten an award. 

I finally look at my watch and it is way past 3am and the buses? No where to be seen. Downstairs. Bags everywhere with caravanites lying on most of them.I hear, ‘is this the ten minutes the drivers said they would take?’ Then a few jokes are made. Let’s not go there for now. All l know is that we look like fatigued campers. The drivers show up after an hour and half wait by the participants. Once the participants see the buses, they are more glad than angry now. I like this lot. They are all at once tough and understanding. And so we leave Kenya at around 4amish and drive down to Namanga border. And the baton gets passed on to Tanzania…

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