Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Caravan Chat - Global Warming, Nothing But Destruction

                 The poem below was recited at the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe by 11year old
             Samuel Tembo from Sir Roy Welensky School during a brief welcome ceremony.
  This poem  was written by his father who urged him to recite it with a lot of feeling in it.

Samuel Tembo
Global Warming, Nothing but Destruction

By Samuel Tembo

Global warming, global warming, global warming
What global warming to talk about
What good is in global warming?
What beauty is in global warming?
Nothing but destruction

The protective ozone layer have been destroyed
The sun’s rays falls directly on us
Climatic conditions have been affected
What beauty is in global warming?
Nothing but determination

Global warming who created you?
You have opened the floodgates of hell
You have killed thousands of people
Millions have been displaced
Chickens and goats have been drowned
Worms and bridges have been swept away in floods
Lizards, chameleons and insects engulfed in flames
Yes, l see nothing but destruction

We have seen EL Nino in Zimbabwe, cyclones in Asia
Tonados in the USA, Veld fires in South America, Heat waves across Africa
What beauty is in global warming?
Nothing but destruction
 Let us come together as a community
Let us come together nation
Let us come together as one world
And stop  global warming
Because it is nothing but destruction

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