Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Caravan Dispatches - Kampala City Effect

11th November, 2011

I am writing this in a bus as it snails through the Kampala City. I didn’t get a chance to upload it earlier due to lack of good internet connectivity and time to actually do it. Hmmm!l have to tell you that connectivity story another day.It is interesting as it is frustrating. Anyways, moving forward swiftly…They say Kampala traffic is snail paced. They aren’t lying when they say that. It is unforgiving. But they never remember to tell you it is worse during the weekends, like today which is a Saturday. In the bus from where l am writing this, the caravanites are quite today, except for a chat here and there. I guess it is because of the busy day they all had but then again, all our days on the road are busy. This is owing to the various activities that we are participating in.

Yesterday, they were having a dance party in the bus as we drove into Kampala. Anyways, a little flash back. We arrived in Rwanda a very tired lot. Our key logistics persons, Ann who is on the road with us and Fathiya who is back in the Nairobi office have really been instrumental in ensuring we get places to sleep and meals to eat. Heavens bless their little socks. I tell you it is not easy with a huge group like this one. So now in Kampala, it is a welcoming thought to have a group of people waiting with warm welcoming smiles with ready food and clean beautiful rooms to boot. The fatigue flies out of the window at that point. Once we refresh and have our dinner, all we can think about is our beds.

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  1. It is hard work guys, we are with you all the work, Africa is behind you. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.