Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Caravan Dispatches - Kampala City Effect 2 - Of Delays and Thunders

Next Morning…         
12th November, 2011
We awaken to a hot Kampala morning and a smiling host who has been waiting for all of us at the breakfast area for a while now. Oh she is warmth exemplified. She tells me she has been up for a while now waiting to greet each of us. Hmm! How nice. Service with a smile. We have breakfast and go to the stadium but not before a caravanite from Uganda tells me in no uncertain terms, ‘prepare yourselves . That concert will start two hours late.’ What? Really?  Yes really. And she was right. 

We get there and the suppliers seem to be setting up their equipments. A little tent is being prepared for the Vice President. So exactly two hours late into the programme, the event begins. The function is not more than an hour and a half after which l run off to file my story but not before running after the vice president’s assistant for the speech. So l take off. Oh the weather thing again. Shortly after that vice president leaves a light drizzle starts to pour which turns out to be one of the heaviest downpours we have witnessed since starting this journey. Hmmm! I guess there goes the heavily anticipated afternoon concert.Meanwhile, l am glad l went with a fellow caravanite to file the stories. Only now at the cyber l have all these photos which can’t upload. Grrhh! I decide to file without photos and l am glad l did because as l view the last blog l have done, you guessed it, blackout. Smile…we are covered.

We go back to the hotel and find those nice smiling people waiting with a variety of African dishes that make up for a sumptuous lunch. I get there earlier than most people because my fellow caravanite who lives in Uganda offered to give me a lift as l went to cover my story. A few minutes later the caravanites walk in drenched. Indeed it’s a caravan. Nairobi here we come…

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