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What is the Trans African Caravan of Hope?

The Trans African Climate Caravan of Hope is a road show that will seek to galvanize the cross country stakeholder voices, with an ultimate aim of telling the African story while making known the demand of Africa among its inhabitants and the rest of the world. The Caravan is a huge mobilization and awareness creation opportunity for African civil society to highlight the challenges climate change poses to Africa’s efforts to extricate herself from poverty and attainment of Millennium Development Goals.

   What are the Main Objectives of the Caravan?

   ·    To mobilize and rally together African civil society towards a common advocacy and campaign demands on climate change and climate justice towards United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) – Conference of Parties (COP) 17;

·         To create awareness and build momentum towards UNFCCC- COP17 among African people and the rest of the world;

·         To lobby and pressurize African leaders/policy makers to work together in support of an international climate change treaty that is responsive to the continent’s realities and reality to science;

·         To drum up support for pro-people and just responses to climate change;

·         To share civil society (and African People’s Protocol) perspectives and positions on climate justice with influential political actors, including the African Heads of State.

3)   What is the Caravan Route?
Participants from the 10 participating countries will travel together in branded buses hired for that purpose, forming a Caravan of campaigners that will join hands in solidarity with their neighboring countries as their travel from Burundi to South Africa.

 Where is it happening?
The caravan is set to run through 10 countries and will bring together Civil Society Organizations working from diverse backgrounds in Eastern and Southern Africa. An inter-state taskforce with representatives from each participating has been established. The participating countries are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and South Africa. More countries from West and Central Africa are being considered in order to make it a truly African affair.

5)   When is it?
 It is set to run starting the 9th November, 2011 to 25th November, 2011.

Who is organizing the Trans African Caravan of Hope?
PACJA and her Partners

There are different levels of participation. First, there are the organizing country committees that have been instrumental in putting pre-caravan and caravan activities together. They are led by the Caravan Task Force that is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Secondly, community involvement has been vibrant.  The caravan will be composed of pastoralists, farmers, women groups, youth, local and international campaigners and media among others. Third, there have been various activities happening in all the participating countries that are raising awareness.

Please refer to the detailed document which is part of this package for more information about the caravan route. For further clarification  for your articles and productions get in touch with Task Force @

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