Saturday, 19 November 2011

Caravan Dispatches - Somewhere in the Border of Malawi and Zambia

18th November, 2011 in the evening
Somewhere in Zambia, Chipata border

I am writing this at the border of Malawi and Zambia where we have been for about 4 hours waiting for our friends to be cleared at the border. It has been a good day. Wonderful, actually. The Malawi event was what many have called the best so far. It started with a 10 kilometer walk and went on to an elaborate meeting which was graced by the deputy prime minister. After having lunch we drove down to the border and most of us had our papers cleared; Guys are waiting around patiently. I think we are learning that waiting is part of the whole process. Some of us had to have our passports done and so that wait.  People are friendly here. Very helpful indeed. There are enough flying insects in this place. They crawl on your clothes. Don’t be alarmed. They are not harmful.  We are sleepy. Really sleepy. My legs look like balloons. They are swollen because of sitting for long hours in the bus. But l think they know not to throw a tantrum. They have to get used to the idea the will have to un-swell on their own.           

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