Thursday, 20 October 2011

Major Visibility for Caravan of Hope in Zambia

Map of Zambia
On TV and Radio

It is a few weeks to the official flag off of the Trans African Caravan of Hope, and Zambia has a truck load of awareness creating activities they are carrying out. First it is their weekly 2 Features on Climate Change and the Caravan Of Hope. This has been going on for the last two weeks. Noah Zimba, who is the lead in Zambia’s Climate Network was on Radio Phoenix last Friday during prime time talking about the Caravan. He and Chomba, an active member of the climate change network in Zambia, were on TV during the popular Kwacha Good Morning show last Saturday on the 15th October 2011 discussing the Caravan.

Media Workshop and Youth Conference Involvement
This week, the Trans African Caravan of Hope participants participated at the regional youth conference being held at Mulungushi Convention Center.
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st,is witnessing a closed door workshop with about 15 journalists. This Friday morning, the journalists will be taken to a forest reserve within Lusaka for a state visit. This particular reserve is a land grab issue. More details on this will be shared.

Fashion Show Engagement
Additionally, journos were invited from the provinces to a media workshop on climate change. The workshop was coinciding with the conference. This meant that the 18th and 19th October 2011, the journos have been attending the conference.
Saturday 22nd October 2011 will be  World Tourism and Zambia Independence Day Fashion Show where the Minister of Environment will be a guest of honor. In support of the Climate Change Network, the organizers have given us space to speak about the caravan. The designers will also be show casing outfits and accessories made out of recycled material - plastic bags, bottle top etc. Already there is commitment from the delegates who will be going to petition the President and attending COP 17 will be dressed by these designers for as long as we give them appropriately branded fabric! And they will also give us models dressed in recycled material to serenade the caravan when it arrives!
Popular Artist and his Contribution
The team has also met with a Alexis Phiri, a popular artist in Zambia who is very passionate about climate change  and more specifically, carbon emissions. He has gotten signatures from all over the world from politicians to celebrities, farmers and kids. He also gone ahead and produced a beautiful song about the environment sang by close to 30 kids. We intend to take these kids to state house during the petition. Alexis will also be exhibiting his works at which are on climate change at Alliance Francaise from 29th October. The Zambian team will work with him too!

By the Zambian team and Maria Wanza

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